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Surf spot Echo beach Canggu

Echo-Beach Surf Spot Canggu Map (scroll down for detailed Surf Spot descriptions)

Restaurants, Bars and Surf-Shop

Close to our Surf camp in Bali, you'll find the well known Echo-Beach area. Echo-Beach, located just north of the Old-Mans and Batu-Bolong surf spots, stretches from the northern end of Canggu towards the less know area of Pererenan.

On the Canggu side you can find a nice selection of beach restaurants, best known for the nightly BBQ's as well as one of the biggest surf-shops around. The most renowned restaurant is the australien managed Echo Beachhouse which gave the place its western name but it pays off to checkout the other restaurants and warungs as well if you are there.

Echo-Beach Main Surf Spot, Canggu

Wave Quality World Class
Best Tide Mid to High
Direction Dominant left with occasional right
Bottom Reef Rocky
Experience Intermediate to Expert

Hows the Surf in Echo-Beach Canggu? It is excellent. Right in front of the restaurants is the first Echo-Beach surf break. It is one of the nicest tubes on balis westcoast, which is not located on the bukit peninsula.

A fast, tubey left-hander over shallow reef runs right in front of the echo-beach main promenade. It also can produce a shorter, right handed wave at times. Like all of the spots around here it is super consistent and best with mid-tide to high-tide and swell between 4 and 8 feet. With big swells to big or tides too low this surfspot will close-out.

Sandbar Surf Spot, Echo Beach Canggu

Wave Quality World Class
Best Tide Mid to High
Direction Dominant left and short right
Bottom Reef Rocky
Experience Intermediate to Expert

Sandbar, the next surf spot, is a punchy, wedgy and mostly hollow peak that is also often frequented by bodyboarders, especially when the conditions are challenging. Beware of the strong currents!

Rivermouth Surf Spot, Echo Beach Canggu

Wave Quality World Class
Best Tide Mid to High
Direction Dominant right and occasional left
Bottom Reef Rocky
Experience Intermediate to Expert

Rivermouth, located at the end of the river which marks the border between Pererenan and Echo-Beach, is a fast, tuby righthander with an ocasional working left towards lower tide. It breaks close to the beach, but however offers a long ride, almost down to the next spot in the line.

It works with most tides but we recommend at least mid-tide if you dont want to get that intimate with the reef.

Stairs Surf Spot, Echo Beach Pererenan

Wave Quality World Class
Best Tide High Mid to High
Direction Fast, tubey, lefthander and mellow, open right
Bottom Nasty, rocky reef on the left. Right mostly sandy
Experience Beginner to Expert
Remark The right is beginner friendly and has sandy bottom. Strong current can pull you over to the lefthander.

Right down at the end of the road where oursurf camp is located, you bump into the Stairs surf spot, a fast lefthander with a lot slower righthander which can be good for intermediates and is also suitable for beginners at smaller swell sizes.

Surf spots south of Echo-Beach

Passing south from echo beach, you're on your way to Old Man's, which is considered to be a very nice break for beginner and intermediate sufers, that can easily hold swells up to 9 feet. The right-hander can run all the way into to the channel between Old-Mans and Batu-Bolong, which is the next surf spot south.

The right hander can offer long rides on a big open face while the lefthander can have more power and ends on a shallow reef with lower tides.

Last but not least, the most famous and therefore sometimes crowded spot goes by the name Batu Bolong. Like all the other spots at the Canggu beaches, except of Sandbanks, it breaks over a mix of reef-rocky and sandy bottom. It can be considered to break consistent through all tides, assuming there is decent swell and not too much wind.

If you have any questions regarding the Canggu surf spot map, or if you wanna ask for a stay at our nice Bali surf camp, feel free to drop us a line on our Stormrider Surfcamp facebook pageor get in touch via our contact form.

You are also invited to visit our extended Surf Spot Map for Bali with additional information about the most consistent and most famous breaks on the West-Coast, as well as on the east-coast and the bukit peninsula. Wherever you go, show respect for the people and the ocean. Selamat jalan.

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