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Bali, Island of the Gods and heavenly Waves With tropical temperatures all-year-round, a perfect coastline for forming word-class waves and low-pressure systems from the south providing for waves nearly every day, Bali is for sure one of the most consistent surf-destinations on earth.

Surfguiding and transport to the beaches is included in our Surfcamp-Packages!
Beautiful Rice-Terraces Beautiful rice-terraces are not the only stunning natural scenery on Bali.

For People interested in culture and the beauty of nature there is much more to explore all over the island. Of course we will help you organise your trips to make the most of your holiday.
Our Restaurant Our restaurant offers selected favorite dishes from both Indonesian and international cuisine. Whenever possible we add seasonal products to our menu ranging from fruits to fish.

A healthy breakfast is included in our Surfcamp-Packages!
The Resort After or in between your surf session you can relax by the pool. Laze in the sun on the pool deck or hop into the whirl pool.

Alternatively you can watch surf videos, analyze your last surf session and plan your next surf session or explore the surroundings.
Surf and Culture Whereever you go on Bali you will always be close to Balis' hindu culture.

Balinese ceremonies regularly take place on the beaches. As always when travelling its wise to act decently and always respectfully towards the local culture and people.
Bali, Island of the Gods and heavenly Waves Our Surfcamp provides for all levels of surfing skills, from beginner to the most experienced wavehunter. Surf-coaches will assist you catching your first waves and our experienced surf-guides will bring you to the best surfspot on any given day.
Excursions As Bali offers more than just surfbreaks our package offers include a weekly excursion where we will bring you to the islands other attractions.

Temples, Monkey-forests, Uluwatu, Ubud and the holy volcano Mt. Agung await you amongst other destinations. You decide where to go, we bring you there!
Healthy Lifestyle Bali's rich variety of tropical fruits and fresh vegetables makes it easy to support a healthy diet. In case your diet requires something special drop us a note before booking.

Organic food lovers may find their culinary heaven in "OMs Restaurant" at Batubolong-Beach.
Accomodation The Raja Ombak Surfers Resort offers everything a surfers needs.

Starting with fresh coffee and swellforecasts in the morning towards a delicious dinner with a "good evening bintang". The stylish and unique variety of rooms ensures everyone will find accomodation matching his/her taste, needs and purse.
Trips to the outer Reefs For experienced Surfers we arrange for trips to Bali's outer reefbreaks including the Kuta Reef, Nusa-Dua and the Hyatt Reef in Sanur.

Where we go depends on your skill-level, the wave-size, tide conditions and wind-direction.
Bali, Island of the Gods and heavenly Waves We cater to all levels of surfing skill, even if you have never been on a surf board there are several surf spots where the waves are constant, not daunting and there is no reef below them. Our surf coaches will assist you from learning how to catch your first wave to mastering waves all on your own.
Tropical Escapes Although Bali becomes more and more popular, there are still many places off the beaten track which offer tropical solitude for the one who searches.
BBQ Time! Once a week every guest has the opportunity to join in on the BBQ grill night where seasonal, fresh local seafood will be served accompanied by salads and sauces.
The Resort The Raja Ombak Surfers Resort offers a spacious outside area over 2 floors in addition to your personal living area.

Enjoy the view over the lush tropical scenery from our upstairs lounge area and recharge for the surfing trip tommorrow.
Sunsets Yes, we have marvelous sunsets too!

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