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Uluwatu Daytrip

Uluwatu Daytrip

Cultural Daytrip to Uluwatu

Instead of a lazy weekend, most of our guests choose the option to join the Sunday Daytrip as we usually do not offer surf lessons/guiding during the weekends. The surf spots in Bali are anyway mostly too crowded during the weekends and our surf guides deserve a day off from time to time, too :).

This time, we hitting in direction to the Bukit Peninsula with it's famous surf spots Uluwatu, Padang Padang and Balangan. One of our favourite destinations beside Ubud and Bedugul.

After breaky we jump into the car, wiggle through Bali's weekend traffic (even not as crowded as during the week but still busy)...and tataaaaaa the beautiful view on the lovely beach of Balangan opens up in front of us.

Balangan is a close to be perfect lefthander and at the right condition one barrel after the other comes in, take care of the lip, this wave can hit you with a hard and massive lip. At smaller days a good beginners/intermediate beginner spot as well as long as you do not sit in the middle of the main peak ;). Always worth it, an Advocado-Chocolate-Juice in one of the nice Warungs right at the beach front meanwhile having a look at the surfers and at the waves out in the ocean.

The next stop on the list Padang-Padang! No doubt: One of Bali's most famous waves. The little beautiful white sandy beach you reach easy by passing the temple area and going down the narrow stairs cutted through in between the cliffs. The waves are breaking close to the shore over a shallow reef. If you have the chance to see that spot at high swell conditions you know why it is so famous and why the Rip Curl Pro Event takes place there every year during July/August. This wave is just a perfect lefthand barrel! At smaller days you can enter there as well as an intermediate beginner (take care of the reef, booties might be a good idea) and surf Baby Padang the righthander of this fantastic wave.

Of course, there are a lot of souvenier-vendors along the beach, so you might take the occasion to buy your new Sarong. ;)

The next highlight of the trip is situated only a short drive of about 5 - 10min from Padang-Padang. The one and only Uluwatu!!!

More than just well known for his long and hollow tube rides in front of an impressive cliff and a scarry entry through the cave. Grap a cold Bintang in the Edge Bar on top of the cliff and enjoy your view on the crazy rides and fights against the currents of the "Prosurfers" at bigger days from a save distance but in the first row. You will definitely not regret it! Stunning and fascinating moments. If you surf there by yourself, have a look out to the photographers once your done with your session. In case you catched some waves, they for almost sure gonna have one or the other shoot of you, negotitate hard for the price ;)

Even a breathtaking surf spot, Uluwatu has to offer much more, once you're done with the shopping in the different Warungs built in the cliffs and visiting the Pantai Uluwatu, do not miss a visite at the Pura Uluwatu Temple. Whatch out for the monkeys, they love everything what is not fixed at your body, sunglasses, wallets, etc. attract them. So lock everything in your backpack and always have an eye on it.

In case you are lucky there is one of the beautiful balinese firedance ceremonies taking place in the temple. For IDR 100'000 you can enjoy a unique spectacle.

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