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Retro Single Fin Contest at Tugu Beach

Retro Single Fin Contest @ Batu Bolong

Retro Single Fin Echo Beach

Retro is still a major hype around the surfing world too. So it's no surprise we see more and more retro boards on the beaches, which is a nice thing. Although, surfers have always been individualists, through the last years, you could see more and more different shapes appear in the line-up and surfers can just pick the stick they love the most. No matter if it is their standard 6"0' shortboard or their 9"5' wooden balsa board from the 70's. So, big ups for the Guys from Drifter Surfshop Bali, that are hosting the 3rd annual retro single fin contest today at Tugu beach/Batu-Bolong. The world of competitive surfing, could definitely need more inspiration, because progress is always a result of creativity.

The contest directors will surely care for all your needs and you can just enjoy a nice day at the beach, meet some friends and dive into the local surf community, have a piece of cake and watch the aftershow later on.

Retro Surfing in Bali

For those of you that haven't been around in awaii in the 60's, but are keen to know more about the "good vibe" her's a little shot, showing some real nice single fin surfing in Bali, right at our beautiful beaches of Canggu.

If you are into single fin events, regularily check our blog and facebook page for more updates. Canggu is not only the contest sight for the drifter "Good Vibrations Retro S ingle Fin Contest", we also recommend to have a look on the " Deus 9ft. and Single" event, which is also held annually at our awesome canggu beaches.

Location (Map)

Congratulations. Bali barrel wiz, Garut Widiarta, ...
Rip Curl Cup Invitational organizers still waiting...

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