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Camplife, play, relax and have some fun

Camplife impressions

What do the "Stormriders" do in between the sessions, celebrating an awesome session or meanwhile there are surfer unfriendly conditions out in the ocean? Having good times anyway ;)

Guide Ranu test out his wings & "Splash"....:

new records for breathholding...just in case, of course:

chilling at the pool and just enjoying the "dolce far niente"...:

having a fresh and young coconut or one of our delicous special Moctails made out of our tasty fruits and other fresh and tasty ingredients...:

even we are not a typical party camp, there are special occasions that requires a little celebration and of course, everybody is in for some little party action from time to time ;). Even we don't do it often, we know how to celebrate ;) ...:

never to old to play, let out your inner child, is good for your mind and it is a lot of fun too...:


sing a song from time to time...:


using the time, to get ready for the afternoon session with some practical tips from the guides, duckdive and paddle challenge in the pool:

...fishing for dinner...:

sharing the lovely feeling of the wave of the day, describing it in every detail ...:

taking care of the boards, repair small dings, coloring fins, redesign of the style of the board, creativity does not have any boarders...:

or simply a collective hugh jump into the pool...;):

life is good here in the camp, our little family adopt you as a single traveler, families with kids find immediately the straight way into the heard of our staff, couples get some good tipps where to spend a romantic trip and friends traveling together the best party locations....just ask us and don't get afraid of your "roomies"

the two sherrifs of the camp, will have an eye on you, Camp cat Adolphine (a rarious moment she is moving) and the camp dog Imut (picture shy)...:

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