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Hot & spicy...BBQ-time at the Camp

Hot & spicy...BBQ-time at the Camp

Hot and spicy...BBQ-Time at the Camp

Ohhhhhh, yes, not only for X-mas celebration or some special holidays! On request we can arrange a really nice and original indonesian BBQ. Everything selfmade with lots of love from our staff using all the fresh ingredients that Indonesia is offering. Take some

  • different kinds of fresh vegetables
  • different kinds of fresh fish from the fish market
  • fresh chicken from the market
  • different kinds of fresh fruits

mix it all together using secret recepies, some funny named spicies, let it cook, let it grill...taraaaaaaaaa an unique and super yummy BBQ, prepared in totally indo-style is waiting for you.

Fish and Chicken BBQ

different sauces for fish, chicken, salad ...some for every taste....


the one and only tempe manis....


the unforgetable and tasty sayur urab...


a lovely fresh salad, hard to find in Indonesia without any regrets afterwards....


fresh fruits for desert...

Ask the staff once you in the camp and just lay back and enjoy :D... the rest will be done by us :D


Mahi Mahi, yellow fin tuna, shrimps, sate ayam...what ever we can catch in fresh and good quality at the market :D


beeing creative and the tasteful smell of fresh grilled fish and chicken is in the air...


looking gooooood, and even better if it is served with a smile ;)



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