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Surfing in February

Surfing in February

Surfing in February

Even it is rainy season in Bali, the waves are still more than just surfable. Of course one or the other day it is a little bit trickier to find the right spot, but there is a lot of fun around. Taking the wind forecast into consideration, we hit the road in the direction to the east coast for today's playground Serangan.

Aaaaaaaand it is pumping in Bali...a day in lovely Serangan at the east coast...or when the Paradies seems to be even more Paradies

The sandy beach with some small local Warungs where you can get an early morning coffee before your session starts or fill up you batteries in between two sessions is a perfect location for a daytrip. So let's the game begin:

Massive walls came in and meanwhile the massage - ladies of the Warung took some nap, there was one guy after the other coming back in with a board in two pieces.

No matter what, the sun was shining and the waves were bumping, let's go back out ;)

An impressive demonstration of the ocean and it's power. Thank you for that really spectacular day...we need some rest right now.

Location (Map)

Bali impressions
Cultural-Daytrip Bedugul

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