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Scammed in Paradise by John Kelly Surfboards Hawai-Lombok

An US citizen by the name of "John Kelly", residing in Kuta Lombok and at "Desert Point"/"Bangko Bangko" takes orders for custom surfboards but never delivers.

This man, which i know for a couple of years and who did already shape boards for us, came over from Lombok asking for help because of poor business in Lombok as result of the earthquake. We gave him accomodation on credit and even we did not need any surfboards at the tine (january 2019) we did order a couple of Boards and gave him a cash down-payment of 11.000.000 IDR just to help him and his family.

He left Bali going back to Lombok, promising coming back with his son one week later and for shaping the surfboards. Until now he never returned. He promised delivery a couple of times but never delivered any boards within 4 months now (20 May 2019). First delivery had been promised after 3 weeks. He also didnt pay his rental scooter he rented with an indonesian person.

Since going public with the story more people came up and reported having been scammed by him and that he has a history of "burning people". John started to threatening us. Thank you John!

Therefore we must to warn anyone not to make business with John Kelly! Especially if involving any kind of downpayment! And yes, we have proof and witnesses. He is welcome to sue us and go into court.

He just changed location on Lombok, probably towards Deser-Point surfspot. If you know of the current whereabouts of this man please contact us. Thank you.

John Kelly surfboards hawai

John Kelly on Lombok

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