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Ombak Film Festival Bali

Ombak Film Festival Bali
Ombak Film Festival 2012

This year the -Ombak-Film-Festival Bali continues from August 23 to 25 on the same venue as last year, the "La Plancha" Beachclub/Restaurant on Seminyak Beach between Double-6 and Jalan Dhynapura.

Allthough the complete list of surf-movies shown is about to be released on August the 1rst, we are expecting the same amazing choice of pictures as last year. Mix this with the great backdrop of seminyak beach will surely provide for a unque party and movie experience on-da-beach.

Surfing Balis East-Coast

Surfing Balis East-Coast

As the west coast is currently blown out by heavy winds we take our guests to the East-Coast where various spots are currently pumping.

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